A Short History of Islamic Community in St. Cloud:

Before the arrival of Muslim immigrants from Africa, there was no masjid in the St. Cloud area. There were only a few Muslim permanent residents and some foreign students in St. Cloud. There was no place for daily prayers and on Fridays, they would pray the Jumu’ah prayer in a room at the Atwood Student Center. In Ramadan, there were Maghrib and Isha prayers at Atwood, with at most 10 to 15 persons at these prayers. When the Somali brothers and sisters started to come in the 1990s, we legally formed the Islamic Center of St. Cloud and rented a two room building for daily and Jumu’ah prayers. However this building could not accommodate all the people who would come for Jumu’ah prayers. After two years, the Islamic Center bought and moved into a church building on the 5th Avenue South in St. Cloud. Now by grace of Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala our Muslim community has 4 masjids that include a large school of Islamic learning.