The Islamic Center of St. Cloud provides marriage services including counseling and Nikah services at the center.  The ICSC also officiates marriages in accordance with Islamic norms and Minnesota law.

Please note the following guidelines to help make your ceremony run smoothly:

o   Groom

o   Bride

o   Father of the Bride or equivalent Mahram (relative Guardian) to serve as her Wali

o   2 Witness (ICSC can provide witness if needed)

  • All the required documentations must be ready at the day of Nikah at ICSC

o   Marriage license

  • No marriage is performed without valid marriage license.

o   Photo ID for both Bride, Groom and witnesses

o   An agreement specifying the amount of Mahr (Dowry) agreed upon and how/when it will be paid.

Contact the Islamic Center of St Cloud (ICSC) office to set up an appointment/arrangement for the ceremony.

Congratulations on your upcoming marriage and we pray for your union with the prayer of  the Prophet Mohamed ﷺ “May Allah, bless you and shower His blessing on you and Allah unite you both in goodness”  Ameen.